Sunday, August 27, 2006
Introducing Myself
I'm Sheri, and I live in North Carolina. Have been here since my family moved from Gainesville, Florida when I was seven years old. (GO GATORS!)
I'm the mom of 4. My youngest, Nicholas, just started middle school this week (EEK!) My only daughter, Caitlyn, is an 8th grader, Kory is a sophomore, and my oldest, Brandon, is taking a different course for his life and pursuing his GED.
My husband and I have been married for almost 17 years. While it hasn't always been sunshine and flowers, it's always been US; and that's been the glue that held us together-- knowing that everything we have, or have done, we did together. We built this family, the structure is ours.
I worked 7 years for the local phone company, and am now a full-time mom. It's the first time in 11 years that I've been home full-time, and I've never been home all by myself-all the time. It's kind of scary.

I've been scrapping about 5 years now, I think.. or is it 4? Seems like there was never a time that I didn't!
I started scrapping with the idea of doing a Christmas project for the family- inlaws, mom, dad, etc... I decided I was going to do a year-in-review book for them. One page per month.
I did the albums, and at the end of the year, I thought "Gee. Now I've done these 6 albums, and I have nothing for myself. What now?" So off I went.
I didn't know anyone who scrapped, wasn't aware of the whole scrapping community that was out there. I went to Michael's and AC Moore and was limited by their product lines.
I stumbled on DIY Scrapbooking and was in heaven. "Met" a girl thru there who introduced me to Two Peas in a Bucket. Holy Cow!!!!, was I in for a shock! Talk about foreign territory!
From 2peas, I met a girl who lived about an hour away, and she invited me to a monthly crop she attended. Thru her, I met a few other people, branched out on 2peas, found another message board home where I met some more awesome scrappers, and the rest, as they say, is history!
I wanted to make a DT, and I did. I wanted to be published, and, thanks to Jen, I was. My next 2 goals are to be published in a print medium, and to make a manufacturer DT.
Since I haven't submitted in a while, and I also haven't applied anywhere- those goals are a little distant!
I've always been interested in photography, but always just "point and shoot". In the last year, I've really started learning the technical part of photography/cameras, and branching out. I bought my very first digital SLR camera, had a few photoshoots, got myself a little website to showcase my photos, and am continuing to learn.
I love that my two passions go hand in hand so well. Without photos, what is scrapping? Without scrapping, what else am I gonna do with all these photos? Leave them in albums? I think NOT!
I think I was getting a little burned out on scrapping, and only scrapping for various assignments. I've culled my DT responsibilites down to RSC and one other, and I think the scrappin' bug is back! With all this free time I have now, I should be back to crankin' some layouts out!