Saturday, March 17, 2007
It's your LUCKY day!
**I'm editing this because we are carrying over the Special price through the end of March. Since I always have these grand ideas later in the day, our friends in other countries and time zones don't get to take advantage. Happy Spring!!

For today only, you can subscribe to Ready-Set-Create for 3 issues for JUST $3.17! That's nearly half off the regular price. Take advantage of this fantastic offer today and don't miss a single issue! Our April/May issue is nearly done and it's packed full of fantastic inspiration. To subscribe, visit - click on My controls. Next, scroll down on the left to the OPTIONS section and click on "Purchase paid subscriptions." Select the option you would like and you're all set! If you have any questions, please email me - my door is always open and I love to talk to you guys!! You can reach me at Also, come post on the forums, I've got poster spotters looking to see who's being active and we've got piles of prizes to give away! AND, last but not least on this glorious March day, check out the RSC gallery and post your layouts! Share your ideas with everyone AND you just might win prizes for that, too! Coming up in the next issue... Tinkering Ink, Fee Jardine and Maria LaFrance digital scrapbooking, all about Mom and more. You won't wanna miss it!
Jen Blackwell